We specialize in PCB and resin boards routing.
Routing means "routing machine technology" by Numerical control.
Our PCB is mainly used in advanced technology industries.
To meet customer demands,
we provide stable services based on clean environment and advanced technology.

Processing technology and Specialty

  • RoutingCut the shape, slit, make a round and square hole, cut the outline, etc. by NC router.
  • Special processing Non-penetrating routing Available for any depths.
    Maximum measurement: 1000×600㎜
    Revise and additional processing after routing and assembly of components.
  • V-shaped groove processing V-shaped groove processing from two sides of the plate. For easy cut after components mounting.
  • Small lot and Quick delivery This is one of our excellent expertise. We regularly improve our specialized production equipments, data, and work standard.
  • PCB chamfering processing Process the angle of pins end face for easy insertion to the connector. Available for any angles.
  • High precision Analyze tools and material characteristics to find the better cutting conditions. We offer you high-quality processings with the prolific experienced craftsmanship.

Company Information

Company Name CLEVER INDUSTRY Co.Ltd.
Address 15-10 Takaramachi, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka 579-8025, Japan
Company President Bungo Tatsumi
Establishment 1981
Main Business PCB and resin boards processing
Capital Fund 10 million yen
Employee 8